A Story about us


Our mission is to empower women and to redefine beauty norms. Body positivity and inclusivity are values that are at the heart of our brand.


We recognize the unrealistic beauty standards women face & the struggle women go through trying to find designs that flatter their bodies

We have dedicated ourselves in creating well-thought designs that will inspire fellow women to embrace and feel comfortable with their bodies - ultimately allowing them to feel confident both on land and in water


Driven with a passion for excellence, we are committed to creating high quality and intentional designs.

Our pieces bring together the finest materials & stunning design to create something very special

We are passionate about creating intentional designs focused on solving our fellow women's pain points. With a meticulous attention to detail and fit, we aspire to create pieces that flatter various body types and complement women of various ages.


Designed Globally, Crafted Locally

We like to keep it local, so we handcraft our pieces in the Philippines, relying on trusted manufacturers who believe in ethical and sustainable craftsmanship. We’re committed to keep our production local to ensure that labor conditions and quality standards align with our values.